Chair Massage

Over the past year I have received weekly chair massages from Richard. The massages have been truly wonderful. I feel relaxed, invigorated, and more able to concentrate after the massage. I feel that the massage has helped me be able to be more productive, less stressed and has given me a feeling of well-being. I look forward to the weekly massage. I highly recommend Richard as a massage therapist. He knows how to zero in on the tight muscles and is very effective in getting the muscles to relax in a very short period of time.
Chair massage is performed in a special ergonomic massage chair. Since the chair is easily transported and the clients are fully clothed, chair massage can be provided in a variety of settings. Chair massage is commonly offered at: massage practices, workplaces, airports, malls, stores, trade shows, and schools. A chair massage session is usually between 10 to 20 minutes long. The focus is on the neck, shoulders, back, head, arms and hands. Since the client is fully clothed, oils and lotions are not usually used. The massage mainly consists of compression, myofascial stretching of muscle tissue, and trigger point work. Similar to a relaxation massage, the key to giving a great chair massage is to have in-depth knowledge of muscle anatomy in order to locate precisely each muscle that needs to be massaged.