"The Fuzz Speech" by Gil Hedley Ph.D is a great video. Using cadaver dissection he "gives a lesson in the importance of movement and stretching to maintain the sliding properties of tissues in the body as well as the value of bodywork modalities and yoga when movement potential has become inhibited." What I love about this video is that he makes what is normally invisible, visible. You see underneath the skin, in the body; the biological mechanisms that can cause muscle tightness and how these mechanisms in the body change in response to massage therapy.

The Orthopedic Massage Education and Research Institute was founded by Whitney Lowe. The website explains how the Orthopedic massage system is used to access and treat pain and injury conditions. The resources section has almost fifty articles on these conditions. Many of the articles describe the pathology, assessment, evaluation, treatment and massage techniques. Also available on the site are Lowe's books which address additional pain or injury conditions not listed on the web site.

The Touch Research Institute, established in 1992 at the University School of Miami School of Medicine, is devoted solely to the study of touch and its application in science and medicine. The site lists abstracts of the studies the school has conducted on numerous conditions.