Relaxation / Stress Reduction Massage

Massage that provides relaxation and stress reduction is often called Swedish massage. This type of massage is usually a full body massage, using massage oil or massage lotion. Long, smooth, relaxing strokes (effleurage strokes) are incorporated into the massage, typically at least an hour long. I find that most people who want a Swedish massage also have specific areas of tightness that benefit from special attention in the context of a full body massage. To me, the key to providing a great relaxation/stress reduction massage is focusing on each individual muscle. In-depth knowledge of muscle anatomy is required in order to work on the origin, insertions, and muscle bellies of each muscle. Working in a precise manner has a cumulative effect of deeper relaxation and stress reduction. I have provided over 10,000 relaxation/stress reduction massages over the past 20 years, more than any other type over my massage career.

I have been receiving therapeutic massages from Richard Tung for many years. He has always been the best massage therapist that I have been to, and he is always studying and improving. Richard ensures that he is working on the parts of your body that are causing you pain or restricting your movements after he discusses your needs. He also tailors his techniques to your needs and desired level of massage. He knows as much as my physical therapist and often is able to better release my tight muscles than they are. Richard has helped me identify muscles that were affecting other parts of my body, which I did not realize were causing my problems until he loosened and released these muscles. I have been to many massage therapists and Richard Tung is by far the best in my experience.
Richard Tung is simply in a different league from most massage therapists. He is smart and experienced and knows the body. But what I like most about Richard is that he is always adding to his knowledge by taking workshops, learning techniques from his peers, and by listening to his clients needs with great care.